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Sensory Threshold LAB 2019 COSMOGRAPHIA

Cosmic phenomena have always been an inspiration to explore, research, imagine and create mythologies and stories in order to give meaning and context to our lives. As it unfolds, the interpretations and visualizations of the cosmos constitute spaces, give notion of presence, communicate time. Moreover, it may trigger sensations of awareness or a shift in perspective, a mind bending sense of placing oneself in the context of the idea of an expanding universe. The title of the exhibition originates with my habit in finding cosmic coherencies in images and objects that I collect and create in relation to the scientific exploration of space and a holistic understanding of the universe. I structure them into different non-linear narratives as in poetry in contrast to a logical scientific story. Using the methods and aesthetics of the visualisation of cosmic phenomena and (educational) knowledge production, different fragments are assembled in an intuitive manner, with the aim of establishing connections. In my work, the human body is seen as the perceptual center between micro- and macrocosm. While in Athens I collaborated with the artist Rik Möhlmann (NL) to work cross media and explore both our practices in relation to the project “Sensory Thresholds”. To conclude my artist in residency period in Athens, I initiated the Exhibition & Symposium “Cosmographia”. With the rather ancient concept of the symposium in mind, this exhibition was accompanied by a program, food, drinks and a closing-event. The program that accompanies the exhibition “Cosmographia” aims to explore different practices in relation to my ongoing project “Sensory Thresholds”. For this purpose I invited different artists to address the way in which artistic practices deal with the topic of the sensory threshold. Cosmographia, initiated by Katherina Heil at the occasion of my artist in residency period at A-Dash in Athens in collaboration with Rik Möhlmann and PACTO artist collective, with contributions by Katherina Heil (DE), Kyriaki Goni (GR), Rik Möhlmann (NL), PACTO artist collective (EU/USA), Daphne Politi (GR), Dimitris Rentoumis (GR), Demelza Watts (UK).

∑xp0sé 2019

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